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WSFL is So Hot, It Could Burn the Sun!



Hello Trader Nation!




Nothing gets us going more than a nice fresh momentum play with tons of potential to start our morning.




That is exactly what WSFL offers!




Priced at a little over a penny, this low float opportunity could scorch the charts today!




Speaking of charts! ….This bottomed out play is sitting at its 52-week low. But when we look at some key statistics, (especially the TINY, ITTY BITTY float) we can’t help but assume that with minimal momentum, this snowball could roll into a full avalanche of gains!





WSFL (Woodstock Holdings, Inc.)




WSFL may very well present an opportunity for some serious success today.




This selected pick has the technical setup that experienced day traders dream of!




WSFL has a float value of under $50K at its current price. That means that with real positive momentum, this pepper hot pick could be reintroduced to a new 52-week high, or close to it!




You’ve all seen many of my alerted plays hit multiple digit gains. This pick could be one of those! 



WSFL appears like it has all the criteria that our recent multiple digit gainers have had...and here’s more info one the company below:





(WSFL – Woodstock Holdings, Inc.)




Woodstock Holdings, Inc. provides securities brokerage and investment banking services in the United States. It offers full service commission and fee-based money management services to individual and institutional investors. The company sells stocks, mutual funds, bonds, variable annuities and life insurance products, managed accounts, and other investment advisory and financial planning products and services through a network of independent contractor registered representatives. It also provides planning and consulting services in various financial services areas, such as financial planning, tax planning, benefits consulting, corporate 401(k)s, and other types of financial structures. The company was formerly known as Woodstock Financial Group, Inc. and changed its name to Woodstock Holdings, Inc. in January 2010. Woodstock Holdings, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Woodstock, Georgia.




The mission of Woodstock Holdings, Inc. (WH) is to seek out candidates for acquisition that will build value for our shareholders. We currently own 100% of Woodstock Financial Group, Inc. (WFG), a FINRA member broker dealer licensed in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C.and U.S.Virgin Islands. WFG is also licensed as an insurance agency and is an SEC registered financial advisory firm.


Woodstock Financial Group Inc. for almost two decades has offered unparalleled customer support through a vast network of Financial Professionals throughout the United States. Their Firm is licensed in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.




Woodstock Financial Group Inc. is licensed as an insurance agency and is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.




In addition to Insurance, Advisory, Financial Planning and Traditional Brokerage, they can offer many custom solutions for not only high net worth clients but also independent Financial Professionals.




Woodstock has previously been awarded the “Best of Business” award from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.




Southwest Securities currently clears security transactions for over 165 Broker Dealers.








Permanent paradigm shift. Many basic axioms that governed investor behavior and the operation of the industry have long since been discredited. Capital preservation has become the new mantra, particularly for the huge market of baby boomers entering retirement, as well as for institutions and government agencies managing their pensions. The bubble markets of the last decade are in the past and will not likely recur to the same extent in the near future. This means that double-digit investment returns will be exceedingly rare, and the traditional core markets of the US and EU may be approaching terminal mediocrity. Those firms that fail to adjust will face severe challenges to continued profitability and growth. Under the new paradigm, success will be determined by how managers can solve several key challenges.


Global economic risk factors, such as continued uncertainty over growth in emerging markets and the health of the Eurozone, have consistently proven to be key drivers to top-line revenue growth. The asset management industry is essentially a game of confidence — albeit one that is legitimate and highly regulated and, in theory at least, presents far more upside than downside. The basic proposition of the industry to the client is: give us your confidence by letting us manage your funds and, on a risk-adjusted basis, you will do better with us than with an insured bank deposit or cash stuffed under a mattress.

During the past bubble era, systemic risk was substantially viewed as a non-issue. Correspondingly, investors were almost exclusively focused on the expected performance of their asset managers and only marginally concerned about non-performance-related issues, such as operational risk, regulatory risk, liquidity risk, fund governance and transparency.








WSFL seems to showcase a real solid technical setup for followers today.




WSFL appears like it has all the criteria that our recent multiple digit gainers have had.




WSFL has a float value under $50K (at its current price) and like you read a little earlier in this newsletter, with minimum momentum this pepper hot pick could be reintroduced to new highs!




Start by researching this play for yourselves. Do your own studying on this peach now!

Always remember to book a profit when you can and NEVER risk more than you afford to lose.

These OTC markets can be quick and volatile so keep your head on a swivel and enjoy today’s journey!




Happy Trading!


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