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One example of a stock that provided explosive profits was San West Inc. (OTCBB: SNWT)...

SNWT Spiked 750%!
We Alerted Investors!
SNWT Spiked 750%

I identified a strong upward trend where investors were picking shares up at around 20 cents on low volume. However, once I confirmed the uptrend could continue with strength, I introduced it to traders around $0.52 and it shot up to an intraday high of $1.70 within days!

So, many traders were positioned to generate profits from 100% to 750%!

How to Identify Top Profit Making Opportunities!

There are several common fundamental and technical "Surge Factors" that I follow.

The most common typically involve Dollar Volume, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages and Money Flow.

There are other factors such as whether the company has proprietary, first-to-market technologies and solid management running the business.

And when looking at a list of shares to buy today, many become immediate out-of-the-gate winners. Although, some have upticked over the course of several trading sessions before generating solid double-digit returns.

But the bottom line is this: when the right set of "Factors" is combined, investors could have a huge gainer that spirals upwards of 20%... 50%... 100% and more.

Another example is Applied DNA Sciences (OTCBB: APDN).

I introduced this symbol to another group of investors while it was trading around $0.05. Within a matter of about 6 weeks it gradually moved to about $.09... traded sideways for two days... then blasted up 70% to an intraday high of $0.17 on record volume in one day!

Then, APDN shot up to $0.211 for maximum gains of over 300%!

In fact, the buy side activity was so heavy that it traded 6 times higher than its previous record volume day... traded more shares than in any previous month... . and was by far the most active stock (by number of trades) in the small cap market!

That MASSIVE BUYING FRENZY put many of my members into profit making positions that could have tripled their money. And because the stock was highly liquid over multiple trading sessions, investors witnessed many opportunities to exit with outstanding gains.

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