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Investors have been salivating over the hot penny stocks I've introduced. Simply because in my penny stock newsletter I've displayed stocks that have doubled in price per share within days or weeks... and then absolutely EXPLODED in one day... generating grand slam profits for my members.

For example, when I originally introduced Applied DNA Sciences (OTCBB: APDN) to another group of investors it was trading around $0.05. Within a matter of about 6 weeks it gradually traded to about $.09... traded sideways for two days... then blasted up 70% to an intraday high of $0.17 on record volume in ONE DAY!

In fact, the buy side activity was so heavy that it was over 6 times higher than its previous record volume day... traded more shares than in any previous month... .and was by far the most active stock (by number of trades) in the small cap market!

That MASSIVE BUYING FRENZY put my early investors into a profit making position to potentially triple their money.

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How to Identify Top Profit Making Opportunities!

There are many "Super Surge Factors" that can come into play which could make many penny stocks immediate out-of-the-gate winners.

When the right set of "Factors" is combined, investors could have a major winner that spirals upwards of 20%...50%...100% and more. And I've introduced many explosive winners that have put investors in profitable positions that more than doubled and tripled their money – within days!

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Either way, make no bones about it. You came to this site for money-making stock picks. And if you see some of my Watch List Winners and you'll see what type of tremendous money-making profit potential is out there with the companies I introduce to my subscribers.

Chart Busting Stock Picks That Defy Wall Street

Some hot penny stocks I introduce to investors pop like a champagne cork on New Year's Eve... while many other penny stocks gradually build a foundation and make consecutive daily gains that provide very healthy profits.

In fact, one of my picks – Zippi Networks - went 9 consecutive trading sessions in the green while the major indices experienced what many consider to be among the most turbulent times in the history of Wall Street.

Some investors told me I was insane to introduce a stock during that time. I told them they were insane not to consider the symbol which eventually went from around $0.07 to an intraday high of $0.32... all while the big boards were taking a blood bath.

The fact of the matter is this: when I introduce a stock, I perform the due diligence to confirm as much as possible that it could be a winner. And that means spending hours researching all the factors that could prevent the stock from becoming a winner... and all of the dynamics that could make the stock double.

Get on the Money Train and Hit Pay Dirt

If you're interested in making money playing hot pennystocks, I believe you've come to the right place... especially if you're interested in penny stocks that truly make strong upward spirals where traders can hit pay dirt!

However, I must tell you one thing. The only information my members receive from me are stock picks. Period. Blank. The End!

If you're looking for what direction the DOW is going or want a translation of Bernake's comments about the state of the economy then this is not the site for you. You probably have a television, newspaper and other major websites that bombard you everyday with that type of information.

I'm not saying it's not valuable. What I'm saying is that my penny stock newsletter focuses on introducing stocks positioned to make truck loads of money that could break the bank.

So sign up today and check your email because I don't want you to miss even one potentially money-making idea... because in this market investors could "turn pennies into hundreds or even thousands."