How to make profit from Penny Stocks

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How to make profit from Penny Stocks

June 14th, 2010 · Dallas TX, USA -

Penny stocks are share price that are traded below $5 over the exchange counter. These stocks have small market capitalization. Penny shares are thinly traded volumes. Sometimes, the return from most of the stocks ranges from 100%-1000%. Penny Stock trading can be a possible way to make money.

Few guidelines, which can be a way to make money from the micro cap stocks:

Use of automated software

Investors can use automated software. The software provides expansive data, analysis and professional tips for wise investments. An investor can use software for penny stock trading.

Knowledge enhancement through Forums & Newsletters

An investor should read stock trading websites and newsletters that discusses about hot penny stock. Knowledge updating is one of the key essential roles in stock trading. Investors can subscribe to various newsletters that provide information on penny stocks.

Fundamental Analysis of the Company

The financial statements of a penny stock need to be checked before investing in a company from a list pre-chosen penny stocks. Financial statement will reflect the financial condition of the company. An investor should understand the business model and future prospects of a company. This kind of analysis will help in proper selection of a penny stock.

Sector Analysis

An investor can do sector analysis to select before buying the best penny stock. If the industry is performing well, this means companies belonging to that industry will also perform well.

Trading Volume

A stock with high liquidity tends to have more price fluctuations. An investor will be able to sell the shares that are thickly traded in the market.

Assistance from Financial Professional

Investor can take the help of financial professional. They give recommendations on stock trading. Brokers also provide tips on trading which can help to gain money.

These are few guidelines that can help the investor to make profit in penny stock trading. However, the best strategy of penny stock trading is to plan exit having decided the expected profits. Investors should be very cautious while trading penny shares due its high volatility.

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